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'''George Henderson''' may refer to: *George Henderson (Australian politician) (1857–1933), Australian politician *George Henderson (architect) (1846–1905), Scottish architect *George Henderson (footballer) (1880–1930), Scottish footballer *Geordie Henderson (1897–1953), Scottish footballer *George Henderson (Manitoba politician) (1916–2008), former MLA in Manitoba *George Henderson (mayor), mayor of Cumberland, Maryland, 1932–1934 *George Henderson (Northern Ireland politician), former Member of the Northern Ireland Parliament for Antrim *George Henderson (scholar) (1866–1912), Gaelic scholar *George Henderson (Prince Edward Island politician) (born 1935), former Member of Parliament in Canada *George Henderson, father of the family in the 1987 film ''Harry and the Hendersons'' portrayed by John Lithgow *George Henderson (River City) *George Henderson (bishop) (1921–1996),...
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